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10 Things to do While You're at Home


10 CAP-tastic Things to Do While You Are At Home

Update your E-eServices Profile. Check your phone number and, address and update your employer information, etc. This ensures you receive timely and pertinent information from CAP

Update your Linked-In Profile with your Civil Air Patrol Serviceservice.

Many members add Civil Air Patrol under their “experience” tab which allows to connect to Civil Air Patrol

Connect with Civil Air Patrol on all social media channels such as Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Instagram and our YouTube channel. Share our stories with your friends to show CAP in action!

Work on your Professional Development. Now is a great time to learn more about CAP and enhance your skills. Take online training in Axis via E-eServices or complete FEMA Training online via the Emergency Management Institute.

Search This Site! Many employers have not stopped matching your charitable contributions or volunteer hours to CAP. In fact, retirees of from the company may be included too. Search to see if your employer is included. You can also search for employers of other’s in your unit and share the good news with them.

Do You Have Your Paperwork Together? Do you have your grandfather’s watch and your great- aunt’s necklace in a safety deposit box no one knows about? What about documents your family may need to access? Do you know where – and how much – your assets are? Although it may not be on your list of leisure activities, preparing your estate plan can help you prepare for the future and give confidence and clarity to your family and children. We have a gift for you and your future ... peace of mind to share with your family, fast and 100% free. You can also assemble insurance policies and other important documents in a single location and scan copies to store electronically.

Keeping Cadets Engaged! Suggestions for programmatic activities for cadets? Submit your idea on the Cadet Blog.

Be an Aerospace Leader for your friends and family. Help spread the CDC guidelines about social distancing, handwashing and self-quarantining if feeling sick. Put together a home emergency kit for your family.

Keep Fitness at the Forefront. CAP is still working on step counts. If you can’t walk outside, set a timer and walk for 5 five minutes twice a day inside of your house #WalktoMars

Catch- up with a Former CAP Member or CAP Cadet. You can call, write, e-mail or schedule a video chat. Remind them they can sign -up (for free) at www.CAPAlumni.org to stay connected to news and notes of alumni. They might even want to be highlighted in a future edition of the monthly newsletter.