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22 New Leaders Participating in Commanders College

Twenty-one new Civil Air Patrol commanders as well as the recently appointed chief of the CAP Chaplain Corps will hone their leadership skills Oct.25-27 at the 2021 Region and Wing Commanders College in Hartford, Connecticut.

The college will be a hybrid event this year, with both in-person and virtual attendance.

“The 2021 Region and Wing Commanders College is the largest group of students we have hosted during my tenure as director,” said Col. Rose Hunt, former Wisconsin Wing commander, who will oversee the three days of training. “The college is designed to help current and soon-to-be commanders transition from leadership at lower echelons to positions of senior responsibility.”

Participants in the graduate-level course are selected for the course by their region commanders and must be approved by Maj. Gen. Edward D. Phelka, CAP’s national commander/CEO.

The college uses presentations, case studies and practicums to help new commanders focus on three main blocks of study: leading the organization, wing commander responsibilities and focus lessons. The curriculum includes seminars, lectures and hands-on sessions on such topics as leadership, accountability, expectations of commanders, legislative affairs, safety, ethics, legal matters, finances and resources.

By the college’s end, participants will have a better understanding of how to select and develop subordinate unit commanders as well as how to manage CAP’s emergency services, aerospace education, cadet, information technology, public affairs, membership development and logistics programs.

“We are looking forward to the region and wing commanders gaining the tools and insight necessary to guide and direct their members and embody the duties of loyalty and care as they fulfill the missions for the organization,” Hunt said. “The bonds created during this college last a lifetime in and outside of Civil Air Patrol.”

Course highlights will include presentations from Phelka and Brig. Gen. Regena Aye, CAP’s national vice commander.

Also scheduled are presentations by CAP-USAF’s commander, Air Force Col. Mark Wootan; John Salvador, Civil Air Patrol’s chief operating officer; and numerous directors, assistant directors and subject-matter experts at CAP National Headquarters.

The 2021 participants are:

Northeast Region
Col. Everett Hume

Pacific Region
Col. George Ishikata

Chaplain Corps
Chaplain (Col.) Linda Pugsley

Connecticut Wing
Col. Matthew Valleau

Florida Wing
Col. Luis Negron

Idaho Wing
Col. Robin Vest

Illinois Wing
Col. Andrew Loy

Kentucky Wing
Col. Brian Schmuck

Massachusetts Wing
Col. Walter “Tim” Nelson

Michigan Wing
Col. Christopher Ballard

Mississippi Wing
Col. Robert Mims

National Capital Wing
Col. David Sterling

New Jersey Wing
Col. Andrew Liput

New York Wing
Col. John Jones

North Dakota Wing
Col. Justin Baier

Ohio Wing
Col. Peter Bowden

Oklahoma Wing
Col. Aaron Oliver

South Carolina Wing
Col. Christopher Peterson

Tennessee Wing
Col. George “Robert” Borsari III

Utah Wing
Col. Jason Hess

Vermont Wing
Col Richard Beach

Virginia Wing
Col. Elizabeth Sydow