80th Anniversary Resources


Before using the 80th anniversary graphics, read the 80th Anniversary Identity Guide to ensure proper application and usage of the graphics. If you have questions about these graphics or anything related to CAP brand management, please contact MAC@capnhq.gov.


80th Anniversary Planning Guide





80th Anniversary .jpg

80th Anniversary .png

Proud Past poster

Proud Past poster (large)









Proud Past sticker








Come Fly with Us poster --color








Come Fly with Us poster -- black and white



Virtual background with embossed logo

2021 Slide Template

Facebook Cover (for Organization Pages)

  • Do: Use this cover on an organization Facebook page (like a squadron page or wing page)

  • Don’t: Use this cover on your personal Facebook page or any other social media channel

  • Example:

Twitter Cover
Square version .jpg

This Week in Civil Air Patrol







Radio PSAs

80th Anniversary Proclamation

Open House

Upcoming Event

Civic Club

CAP Worship Weekend

National Science Day Release --  Feb. 28

National Physical Fitness Day Release -- May 1

National Space Day Release -- May 7

National Search and Rescue Week Release -- May 16-22

National Aviation Day -- Aug. 19

National Leadership Day -- Sept. 4

National Aerospace Week -- third week in September

National STEM/STEAM Day -- Nov. 8