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90 Cadets Awarded $155,700 in Scholarships

2022 scholsNinety cadets from 33 wings have achieved academic and flight scholarships worth a combined total of $155,700 in 2022.

Twenty cadets were recommended forusafprep acceptance to the U.S. Air Force Preparatory School in Colorado Springs.

In all, 63 academic scholarships account for $126,500, with 27 flight scholarships accounting for the remaining $29,200.

“You had tough competition, and you should be proud of your selection,” Maj. Gen. Edward D. Phelka, CAP’s national commander and CEO, said in a congratulatory message for the scholarship recipients.

Cadet Programs received 516 scholarship applications. Of the applicants, 122 had a 3.80 or higher GPA and an SAT score of 1300 and/or an ACT score of 28 or above.

“These scores put our scholarship applicants on academic par with U.S. Air Force Academy entering freshman,” Phelka said.

In addition, 108 of the flight scholarship applicants indicated they have piloting experience equivalent to the CAP pre-solo badge or more. “Judging by the competition, your accomplishments place you among the best of the best,” Phelka said.

The Texas Wing accounted for 12 scholarships (eight academic and four flight scholarships) – the most fromTXwing any of the CAP wings. Three Texas Wing cadets also received Air Force Prep School recommendations.

SERegionThe highest number of scholarships – 18, including 10 earmarked for academics – went to cadets from the Southeast Region.

Twenty cadets from 13 wings in seven regions received Air Force Prep School recommendations. Joining the Texas Wing with three recommendations was the California Wing.