17:33 PM

95 Cadet Scholarships Worth $155,500 Awarded

Nearly 100 Civil Air Patrol cadets are receiving academic and flight scholarships worth a combined total of $155,500, Cadet Programs has announced.

Twenty others were recommended for acceptance to the U.S. Air Force Preparatory School in Colorado Springs.

In all, 59 academic scholarships account for $116,500 of that amount and 36 flight scholarships for $39,000.

The cadet recipients represent all eight Civil Air Patrol regions and 34 wings.

The North Carolina and Texas wings accounted for eight scholarships each – five academic and three flight scholarships for North Carolina cadets and four of each for Texas cadets.

The highest number of scholarships – 23, including 15 earmarked for academics – went to cadets from the Mid-Atlantic Region, which includes the North Carolina Wing.

Twenty cadets from 15 wings in six regions received Air Force Prep School recommendations. Leading the way with three recommendations was the Washington Wing.