15:29 PM

Ala. Member Reacts Quickly to Co-Worker's Collapse

Lt. Col. Kim Miller
Redstone Composite Squadron
Alabama Wing

Training he received in Civil Air Patrol prepared Maj. Michael Guthrie of the Alabama Wing’s Redstone Composite Squadron to spring into action when a life possibly hung in the balance.

Events unfolded unexpectedly while Guthrie and a co-worker were on their way to lunch. While driving through the parking lot at work, Guthrie was conversing with the woman when she suddenly became unresponsive and exhibited difficulty breathing. He Immediately drove to the nearest building entrance and sought help.

With the assistance of other employees, 911 was called and the woman was removed from the vehicle and placed on the ground for further evaluation.

The 911 operator directed that CPR be initiated, and Guthrie carried out chest compressions as advised. After about two minutes of compressions, his co-worker regained consciousness and was responding to basic verbal instructions.

Ambulances and fire rescue arrived shortly afterward, and the woman was taken directly to the local hospital for further treatment. There, doctors determined she had experienced a brain aneurysm.

She is recovering at home after more than a week in the hospital after surgery.

Guthrie credits his emergency services training through CAP for the confidence he exhibited in helping his friend in her time of need. He has been a CAP member since 2006 and serves as the Redstone squadron’s deputy commander for cadets.