09:57 AM

Alert Yields Quick Conn. Wing Long Island Sound Patrol Response

Lt. Col. Andrew Liput
Governmental Affairs Officer
Connecticut Wing

A Connecticut Wing aircrew responded quickly June 5 during its Long Island Sound Patrol flight upon learning that two sisters, 19 and 15, were missing on the water near the Connecticut River’s mouth.

After Coast Guard Sector Long Island’s Command Center in New Haven received a distress call from the sisters’ father, the Coast Guard immediately notified the aircrew. The wing members had already been monitoring radio traffic and, as requested, flew to the area. There, the aircrew notified the Coast Guard that the two teens had been safely recovered.

The Connecticut Wing has conducted Long Island Sound Patrol flights for several years, monitoring coastal waterways, harbors and navigable waterways and providing rapid response to situations within designated areas of operation – including boaters and individuals in distress. “This case was wrapped up in a rapid eight minutes upon initial report,” said Coast Guard Lt. Connie Chung, Long Island Sector command duty officer that day. “It was incredible to see CAP’s immediate response time and devotion to duty.” 

Chung added, “Due to CAP’s efforts, the U.S. Coast Guard was able to secure from the state of emergency distress and bring a successful close to this dire Person in the Water case. SLIS CC greatly appreciates CAP’s support and partnership, especially during our up-tempo season of search and rescue.

 “This is why we are constantly training; it makes a difference, and this is an example of the value that training provides,” said Col. James Ridley, Connecticut Wing commander.