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Angelini Assumes Indiana Wing Command

New commander

INwingCol. Aaron Angelini, a Civil Air Patrol member with more than 20 years of leadership, finance, and management skills, took command of the Indiana Wing in a ceremony Aug. 12  in Indianapolis.  

“I am looking forward to working with Indiana Wing volunteers to continue Civil Air Patrol’s service to the nation and community,” Angelini said. “I would like to carry on the excellence Col. Robert Freese instilled in the Indiana Wing.”  

Angelini succeeds Freese, during whose 3½ years as commander the wing distributed about 1.5 million meals as part of the COVID-19 pandemic response; participated in local, national, and international exercises with CAP, the U.S. military, and foreign military personnel; and increased the wing’s cadet enrollment.

"The members of the Indiana Wing made this an enriching experience for me," Freese said.  "We all learned to work together during very trying times to help our fellow citizens. “I wish Col. Angelini well in his efforts to continue the progress that the wing has made since its inception in 1941." 

Angelini joined CAP in July 2000. The path to his involvement began with an interest in aerospace before his teenage years, when he helped restore a B-17E Desert Rat.

Twenty years later, his enthusiasm and devotion to helping others in the aviation industry continues through his role as a certificated flight instructor.

Col. Aaron Angelini

His Indiana Wing service includes positions at the wing, group, and squadron levels. He has served as wing director of recruiting and retention and as a group commander, aerospace education officer, cadet programs development officer, education and training officer, and director of recruiting and retention. He also oversaw a Great Lakes Region Staff College.

As a cadet, Angelini achieved Civil Air Patrol’s highest cadet honor, the Gen. Carl A. Spaatz Award, in 2006. He later served as a Spaatz Association board member. He also served as National Cadet Advisory Council chair.  

“I wish Col. Angelini the best in his role as Indiana Wing commander. His dedication to Civil Air Patrol and the Indiana Wing will continue the momentum forward,” said Col. Rose Hunt, Great Lakes Region commander, who participated in the change of command ceremony. 

In addition to aviation, Angelini also has an interest in fitness and sports. At 13, he competed in an international soccer tournament in the Netherlands and went on to play collegiate soccer as a goalie.  
Lt. Col. Bill Vendramin
Public Affairs Officer
Indiana Wing