15:54 PM

Anonymous Donor Gives $1M+ to Civil Air Patrol Foundation

A former Civil Air Patrol cadet's $1,025,000 gift as part of an endowment agreement to benefit the Nebraska Wing was announced at CAP’s National Conference in Baltimore.

“This is an exciting development,” said Maj. Gen. Mark Smith, CAP’s national commander/CEO. “We appreciate this generous gift, which will greatly impact the squadrons in the Nebraska Wing for years to come.”

The donor, who has served in multiple CAP wings as an adult, wants to remain anonymous but is offering his gift to increase local funding in his home state.

“Civil Air Patrol has been such a significant part of my life, starting when I was a cadet,” he said. “I’ve been fortunate to do well within my career and to be able to make this investment in the Civil Air Patrol Foundation, to specifically support the Nebraska Wing, both now and in the future.”

Kristina Jones, CAP’s chief of philanthropy and executive director of the foundation, said, “The motivation for the donor’s gift before the National Conference was to inspire others to consider creating endowments with the newly activated Civil Air Patrol Foundation. Obviously, this is a significant gift in growing our Civil Air Patrol Foundation assets.”

The donor is funding a permanent $1 million endowment with interest through the foundation to support Nebraska Wing needs. The endowment will be managed by the Civil Air Patrol Foundation.

In addition, the donor included $25,000 for a one-year challenge grant to increase unit fundraising in Nebraska. Details will be rolled out to the qualified squadrons within the next month. Expected matching funds may be up to $1,900 for new funds raised by each squadron.

“Our anonymous donor has a heart for seeing the Nebraska Wing be successful in the long term,” Jones said. “We are delighted to help fulfill his wishes.”

Paul Graziani, named earlier this week to chair the Civil Air Patrol Foundation’s board of trustees, said, “We are thrilled this donor chose to invest his gift in the foundation. It really speaks to his cadet experience and wanting to give back to Civil Air Patrol in such a significant way. The timing is also impactful as we announce our foundation efforts to encourage others to endow scholarships for our youth and provide opportunities for our missions.”

About the Civil Air Patrol Foundation

The CAP Foundation was established to promote and support Civil Air Patrol and its programs and mission; provide direct financial support to Civil Air Patrol and its programs, missions and operations; and provide scholarships to members of Civil Air Patrol.

To learn more about the CAP Foundation visit its web page or contact CAP's chief of philanthropy, Kristina Jones, via phone at 833-426-4227 (toll-free) or email.