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California Wing Recognized for Pandemic, Wildfire Missions

1st Lt. Jerry Camp
Public Affairs Officer
California Wing

National honor

The California Wing has been recognized with Civil Air Patrol’s National Commander’s Unit Citation – the highest honor a wing can receive – for “exceptionally outstanding performance and achievement" from March 1, 2020-July 31 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and massive wildfires.

Brig. Gen. Regena Aye, national vice commander, presented the citation Oct. 2 to Col. Ross Veta, wing commander, during the wing’s annual training conference in Sacramento.

During the period cited, the California Wing assisted with distribution of over 2.3 million meals at food, provided thousands of volunteer hours to communities in need, conducted more than 70 flights in response to wildfires and generated nearly 100,000 images of fire-ravaged areas for damage assessment.

The National Commander's Unit Citation

“Each and every member highly deserves this award, whether serving on the ‘frontlines” or supporting the organization at the local unit level,” Veta said in an email to wing membership. “This is a particularly important award because it signifies recognition of California Wing at the very highest level of Civil Air Patrol and has been achieved as a result of the efforts of EVERYONE in the wing.”

“I am proud of the achievements of California Wing during this time of adversity. Most of all, I am proud of each and every member for what you do for us all on a daily basis. Thank you for your service and for what you do,” he said.

Acting as a Total Force partner and official civilian auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, Civil Air Patrol is aligned with 1st Air Force to rapidly respond to nonmilitary threats domestically when tasked in a Defense Support of Civil Authorities capacity to save lives, relieve suffering, prevent property damage and provide humanitarian assistance.

Photos by 1st Lt. Jerry Camp, California Wing