16:02 PM

Calif. Members Distribute Super Bowl TFRs

CAwingFalcon Hawk exercise -- Super Bowl LV -- 2021The California Wing carried out 72 flights and four ground missions in distributing Temporary Flight Restrictions in place throughout Southern California for Super Bowl XVI, with members totaling 55.2 hours of service. 

The wing assisted the U.S. Air Force’s 601st Air and Space Operations Center by distributing TFR materials to 103 businesses at 57 airports.

1200px-601st_Air_and_Space_Operations_CenterTFRs are imposed during large-scale, high-profile events for purposes of security as well as the ability for multiple emergency services agencies to respond if necessary without interference by air traffic unrelated to the event. 

“I am extremely proud of the work accomplished by our members of the California Wing – from as far north as the Bay Area to as far south as San Diego,” said Capt. Mark Wheeler, the wing’s homeland security officer, who was involved in planning and executing the operation. 

“Our outstanding volunteer professionals excelled at accomplishing our operations and this crucial mission.” Wheeler said.


1st Lt. Paul Rivera
Public Affairs Officer
Los Angeles County Group 1
California Wing