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CAP Impact features a regular series of articles showcasing how individual Civil Air Patrol members make a difference inside and outside the organization..

Bennett Boosts CAP Cadets' Pilot Plans Through Advanced Flight Training Academy 
July 19, 2022

While many adults hold fast to childhood vacation memories peppered with cartoon princesses and castles, camping trips, or ballpark hotdogs, Morgan Bennett had her eyes on the skies and her head in the clouds.

“When I was little, Mom and Dad (Cindy and Ray Bennett) would always take us down to Pensacola Beach on vacation during Blue Angels week, because that’s what Dad wanted to do,” the Anniston, Alabama, native said ...
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Flight Instructor Role Allows Wisconsin Member to 'Mentor 0thers, Form Friendships, and Help Pilots' 
May 31, 2022

Maj. Karen Kalishek seemed destined to make an impact on the world from the time she turned 16 and was on her own, working full-time through high school, college, and graduate school.

Those around her through those early years couldn’t help but notice – and be affected by – her determination to make it. She did that a long time ago, and she’s still making a huge impact on associates and people she serves through Civil Air Patrol, the National Association of Flight Instructors, and her work as a flight instructor …












Great Lakes Region's Hunt: 'Aways Treat People with Respect' 
March 29, 2022

Col. Rose Hunt has a two-word philosophy — along with an ethic that makes a longshoreman’s work habits look like those of a middle school boy — that has propelled her trailblazing career in business and in Civil Air Patrol.

“People First.”

“If you treat people with respect, give them the value they deserve, they’ll go forth and do great things,” Hunt said. “If you’ve made them feel important and valued, they’ll do great work. You need to help them understand the ‘Why.’ Always start with the ‘Why?’ Take care of your humans." …

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