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Ceremony at Air Force Memorial Pays Tribute to CAP Deceased

NatCap-Wing-PatchThe names of 161 deceased Civil Air Patrol members were read aloud in a solemn ceremony June 11 at the U.S. Air Force Memorial, between the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. 

“To the families and friends of those Civil Air Patrol members who have died, we assure you that a part of them lives on and will always remain a part of us and the traditions of Civil Air Patrol," Col. Dave Sterling, National Capital Wing commander, said during the ceremony.

The remembrance ceremony tradition began in 2013 with Sterling following an observance from his active-duty service at the Air Force Academy. He was the wing’s Arlington Composite Squadron commander when the first event occurred. 

“Col. Sterling wanted to bring the solemn traditions from the Air Force Academy to CAP and pay respects to our fallen colleagues,” said Lt. Col. Aaron Newman, the wing’s vice commander. “It has been my honor ever since the first ceremony to help Col. Sterling plan and officiate this annual event and then take the lead several years ago.”

The ceremony began with Cadet Airman Zoey Monica Vaghin-Carlos from the wing’s Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron singing the national anthem. The crowd then sang the “Air Force Hymn,” followed by a roll call of CAP members who passed away from May 1, 2021-April 30.

After each name, a lone voice called out “absent, sir.” A flag-folding ceremony was carried out during the reading of the 161 names. A wreath with “Civil Air Patrol” was laid at the memorial.

Taps played during a moment of silence.

Former Assistant Deputy for Air Force Auxiliary, Education, and Development Programs. Tom Shubert then spoke to those gathered, which included family members of CAP members honored. Also in attendance were several officers from the Air Force Operations Group at the Pentagon.

The ceremony ended with the singing of the third verse of the “Air Force Song” and then the playing of “We Remember.”

“The ceremony is truly a moving and fitting tribute to our fellow CAP members,” Sterling said.

The annual ceremony typically takes place in May. CAP members and family wishing to visit the U.S. Air Force Memorial should send an email to info@NatCapWing.org.


Remembrance wreath

The 161 deceased members:

  • Lt. Col. David Adams, Virginia Wing
  • Lt. Col. Eugene  Alfaro, California Wing
  • 2nd Lt.  Zygmunt Alt, Illinois Wing
  • Maj. Hyle Anderson, South Dakota Wing
  • Senior Member Stanley Anderson, Ohio Wing
  • Lt. Col. W Ankerstjerne, Pennsylvania Wing
  • Lt. Col. Mark Ashcraft, Indiana Wing
  • Capt. Tell Asner, Virginia Wing
  • Lt. Col. David Badal, Texas Wing
  • Lt. Col. Lenora Bates, Washington Wing
  • Capt. Michael  Bauer, Wisconsin Wing
  • Lt. Col. Robert Berube, Florida Wing
  • Lt. Col. Jean Bishop, Texas Wing
  • Lt. Col. Terry Blackwell, Tennessee Wing
  • 2nd Lt. Diane Bohl, California Wing
  • Capt. Whitney Bonifant, Nebraska Wing
  • 1st Lt. Patricia Bradbury, Michigan Wing
  • 1st Lt. John Brana, New York Wing
  • Brig. Gen. Howard Brookfield, National Headquarters
  • Maj. Gwen Brown, Southeast Region
  • Senior Member Louis Buck, Colorado Wing
  • Capt. Brian Buckley, Connecticut Wing
  • Lt. Col.  Kenneth Bureau, Minnesota Wing
  • Maj. Jerry Burke, Texas Wing
  • 1st Lt. Richard Burke, Alabama Wing
  • Lt. Col. Julius Butler, Michigan Wing
  • Maj. Larry Byrd, Texas Wing
  • Col. Floyd Callihan, Virginia Wing
  • Lt. Col. Christopher Camuso, Massachusetts Wing
  • Brig. Gen. William Cass, National Headquarters
  • Lt. Col. William  Cheney III, South Carolina Wing
  • Lt. Col. Samuel  Conte, Indiana Wing
  • Lt. Col. Paul Corder, Texas Wing
  • Maj. Phillip Corvinus, California Wing
  • Maj. George Curtis, Hawaii Wing
  • Lt. Col. Dennis Daniel, Virginia Wing
  • Lt. Col. Mark Davalos, Michigan Wing
  • Col. Donald Davidson Sr., New Hampshire Wing
  • Lt. Col. James Degnan, Hawaii Wing
  • Capt. George Dettwiller II, Tennessee Wing
  • Capt. Margaret  Doole, New Jersey Wing
  • Maj. George Dragonir, West Virginia Wing
  • 2nd Lt. Gabriel Draguicevich, California Wing
  • Capt. William Duval, California Wing
  • Col. David Ellsworth, Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Lt. Col. William Frase, Maryland Wing
  • Lt. Col. David Friedenberg, Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Lt. Col. David Fuller, Florida Wing
  • Senior Member Charles Garrison, Michigan Wing
  • Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Maximilian Germain, Virginia Wing
  • Maj. John Gibson, Alabama Wing
  • Capt. Kathleen Girard, Texas
  • 1st Lt. William Glenn II, Florida Wing
  • Lt. Col. Ruth Grogan, Rhode Island Wing
  • Capt. Francis Guillory, Louisiana Wing
  • Col. Gail Halvorsen, National Headquarters
  • 1st Lt. Curtis Hanson, Minnesota Wing
  • Capt. James Harris, Alabama Wing
  • 1st Lt. Charles Hewitt, Wyoming Wing
  • Lt. Col. Robert Hoar, Connecticut Wing
  • Lt. Col. Ira Hoffman, Virginia Wing
  • Capt. Marvin Holland, West Virginia Wing
  • 1st Lt. Jeff Horrocks, Utah Wing
  • Maj. Donald Hoy, Louisiana Wing
  • Capt. Howard Hunt Jr., Ohio Wing
  • Maj. Charles Ingersoll, Ohio Wing
  • Col. George Ishikata, Pacific Region
  • Lt. Col. Harry Jenkins, Pacific Region
  • Lt. Col. Cheri Jennings, New Jersey Wing
  • Lt. Col. B. Don Johnson, Virginia Wing
  • Maj. Kathy Johnson, Pacific Region
  • 2nd Lt. Victor Juarez, California Wing
  • Col. Larry Kauffman, National Headquarters
  • Lt. Col. Michael Kelly, New York Wing
  • Lt. Col. James Kenkel, Virginia Wing
  • Lt. Col. Patricia Kennedy, Virginia Wing
  • Capt. William Killeen, Connecticut Wing
  • Lt. Col. Raymond Kleber, North Carolina Wing
  • Lt. Col. Fred Koenig Jr., Southeast Region
  • Maj. Ford Ladd, National Capital Wing
  • Lt. Col. William  Lafazia, Florida Wing
  • Lt. Col. Raymond Lantz, Washington Wing
  • Maj. Connie Lapier, Nevada Wing
  • Maj. Richard Lawson, Colorado Wing
  • Lt. Col. Michael LeGendre, New Mexico Wing
  • Capt. Marvin Lewis, Arkansas Wing
  • Capt. LeeAnn Lotvedt, Maryland Wing
  • Lt. Col. George Lowrance, North Carolina Wing
  • Capt. James Lucas Jr., North Carolina Wing
  • 1st Lt. Brian Marchant, California Wing
  • 1st Lt. William Marcum, Florida Wing
  • Lt. Col. John Mayfield, Florida Wing
  • Maj. J McCoy, Pennsylvania Wing
  • Senior Member James McFarland, Kentucky Wing
  • Lt. Col. Robert McGillem, Indiana Wing
  • Lt. Col. Thomas McLellan, Maryland Wing
  • Capt. Richard McPherson, Oklahoma Wing
  • Lt. Col. Grant Meadows Jr., Florida Wing
  • Maj. Cortland Mehl, New York Wing
  • Senior Master Sgt. Joseph Milano, Northeast Region
  • Capt. Gary Moore, North Carolina Wing
  • Lt. Col. Harvey Moss, Wisconsin Wing
  • Lt. Col. Joseph Myers, North Carolina Wing
  • Lt. Col. Peggy Myrick, California Wing
  • Senior Member Joseph Nall, Alabama Wing
  • Lt. Col. Gary Nelson, Florida Wing
  • Lt. Col. Ramon Nunez, Florida Wing
  • Cadet 2nd Lt. Triston O'Connor, North Carolina Wing
  • Maj. Carolyn Owens, Arizona Wing
  • Capt. Wayne Packman, Michigan Wing
  • Lt. Col. John Palese Jr., Wisconsin Wing
  • Capt. David Parker, Hawaii Wing
  • Lt. Col. David Patton, Arizona Wing
  • Col. Ernest Pearson, California Wing
  • Lt. Col. Richard Peters, Wisconsin Wing
  • Capt. Rodney Ploessl, Michigan Wing
  • Lt. Col. Sandra Potocki, Missouri Wing
  • Lt. Col. Sterling Queen, West Virginia Wing
  • Lt. Col. Paul Rickert, Ohio Wing
  • 1st Lt. Arthur Riley, West Virginia Wing
  • Capt. Patrick Riley, Virginia Wing
  • Maj. Frank Ross, Michigan Wing
  • Lt. Col.  Philip Saleet, North Carolina Wing
  • Capt. Mary Schimmelman, Georgia Wing
  • Capt. Neil Schmid, South Dakota Wing
  • Lt. Col. Lois Schmidt, South Dakota Wing
  • Lt. Col. Richard  Schroder, Kansas Wing
Paying tribute
  • Col. Orlan Scott, Texas Wing
  • Lt. Col. Karl Senor, Vermont Wing
  • Capt. Parris Sepe, Florida Wing
  • Senior Member Erik Shepard, Colorado Wing
  • Col. David Small Jr., South Dakota Wing
  • Lt. Col. Gary Smotherman, Tennessee Wing
  • Senior Member Kenneth Spicocchi, New Mexico Wing
  • Lt. Col. Thomas Stanley, Texas Wing
  • Lt. Col. Myron Steele, California Wing
  • Lt. Col. Paul Steele, North Carolina Wing
  • 2nd Lt. Marilyn  Stern, California Wing
  • Cadet Airman Kolten Strickland, Missouri Wing
  • Maj. Carl Stutsman, Texas Wing
  • Lt. Col. Weenis Surratt, North Carolina Wing
  • Senior Member Charles Tarpley, National Headquarters
  • Maj. Kevin Tarwater, Tennessee Wing
  • Maj. Christopher Taylor, California Wing
  • Maj. George Taylor Jr., New Jersey Wing
  • Lt. Col. Lloyd Tirrill, Arizona Wing
  • Maj. Matthew Tutino, New Jersey Wing
  • Capt. Wayne Urben, Wisconsin Wing
  • Lt. Col. William Valenzuela, California Wing
  • Lt. Col. Scott Van Cleef, Virginia Wing
  • Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Charles Vennard III, Pennsylvania Wing
  • Lt. Col. John Ward, Alabama Wing
  • 2nd Lt. Sidonie Watson, Kentucky Wing
  • Lt. Col. Jeffrey Weinstein, Maine Wing
  • Lt. Col. James Wenskus Jr., New York Wing
  • Capt. Travis Whittemore, Texas Wing
  • Maj. David Wilson, Alaska Wing
  • Maj. John Winter, Minnesota Wing
  • Lt. Col. Charles Wood, Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Maj. Gene Youngblood, Virginia Wing
  • Lt. Col. Otto Zuckschwerdt, Idaho Wing

Lt. Col. Paul Cianciolo
Public Affairs Officer
National Capital Wing