09:16 AM

Chief of Chaplains Invites 'CAP Worship Weekend' Participation

Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Timothy H. Miner
Virginia Wing

Chaplain (Col.) John Murdoch, Civil Air Patrol chief of chaplains, invites all CAP members who participate in worship services of any faith tradition to wear their service dress or CAP corporate equivalent uniform to their services the weekend of Nov. 29-Dec. 1.

"Since 1972, the celebration of CAP's birthday on the first of December has included the chance to pray, meditate or reflect for the safety and success of our organization, our members and our missions," Murdoch said while discussing the annual event with his leadership council.

"I want every member, regardless of their faith, to know that this is their tradition."

The activity began with the CAP Board of Governors’ 1972 declaration designating the first Sunday in December as “CAP Sunday.” The event soon expanded to include worship on other days of that weekend and was called “CAP Sabbath/Sunday.”

“CAP Worship Weekend" is an inclusive activity that shares aerospace, character development and other CAP missions inside its members’ spiritual communities.

CAP members are encouraged to share photographs from the event on social media with the hashtag #CAPWorship.