21:02 PM

Hawaii Wing Focuses on Post-Olivia Missions

Capt. Jennifer Herrington 
Public Affairs Officer
Hawaii Wing 

Tropical Storm Olivia is moving through Maui County this morning, and the Hawaii Wing has shifted from pre-landfall mission execution to post-storm mission planning.

On Tuesday, the wing completed potentially life-saving tropical storm warning flights around the islands of Molokai, Lanai and Kauai, broadcasting announcements about Olivia's approach via loudspeaker. Such flights are particularly important for residents and visitors on remote coastlines who may not be aware of the storm’s approach and may be faced with a day’s hike to safety.

Within the next 48 hours, the wing anticipates completing post-landfall aerial photography over the Big Island and Maui. Incident command post staff on Oahu and the Big Island will be prioritizing target areas of potential flood impact as Olivia makes its way through the state today.

Col. Chantal Lonergan, wing commander, praised the all-volunteer aircrews and incident command post staff for their dedication to Civil Air Patrol and its customers. such as the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.

"Thanks to the efforts of our volunteer professionals, we will continue to serve as a force multiplier providing timely responses to our customers’ requests for aerial shoreline warnings, low route surveys, and key infrastructure photo reconnaissance,” Lonergan said.