16:09 PM

Hot Air Balloon Questions Answered

How does a wing/squadron get in touch to set up orientation flights with the two balloon teams? 
Orientation flights are generally conducted only with units local to the balloon teams, given the lack of funding for these teams to travel the country for this purpose.

In general, the local units work with the local balloon teams through their operations staff to arrange for flights.

How does a wing go about getting a hot air balloon of its own so it can have a team? 
The wing would need to raise funds to purchase the balloon and associated support equipment. CAP has no  national procurement program or funding for hot air balloons. Some wings have had success working with members who own balloons to provide cadet orientation flights and flight training though with these member-furnished assets. 

Only 20 CAP members have balloon ratings, with only seven currently qualified, so opportunities are limited, especially since most of those members live in the local areas for CAP's two balloons. The only exceptions are in Georgia.