08:27 AM

Ind. Schools with Cadet Programs Recognized by State

Maj. Bill Vendramin
Public Affairs Officer
Indiana Wing

Two schools with Civil Air Patrol programs have been awarded the Indiana Department of Education’s inaugural Purple Star school Designation, which honors schools that have displayed a significant commitment to servicemembers, veterans and students and families connected to the U.S. military.

Anderson Preparatory Academy in Anderson is a military-style, public charter school academy for girls and boys that focuses on a college preparatory curriculum of liberal arts and sciences. All students in grades six through eight participate as CAP cadets.

John Adams High School in South Bend is a traditional four-year public high school and the only such school in Indiana with a cadet program. The school’s 5-year-old CAP cadet squadron, commanded by Maj. Dan Walsh, is experiencing steady growth.

“As a career Navy veteran, it is quite an honor to be recognized ... with the Purple Star School Designation,” Walsh said. “The Civil Air Patrol cadet program has provided our JAHS students with numerous leadership opportunities to demonstrate a commitment to servicemembers, veterans and families connected to our nation's military.

“As a student I didn't have these kinds of opportunities,” he said. “However, as an educator it is my job to provide our students with them, and the Civil Air Patrol cadet program has served as that vehicle.”

Earning the Purple Star School Designation required schools to perform such specific actions as assigning a point of contact for military families, passing a resolution supporting military students and families, guaranteeing job interviews for servicemembers and their immediate family who meet the minimum qualifications, and more.

In total, 60 schools received the inaugural designation.

“As a proud military parent, I know first-hand the honor and respect our nation’s military deserves,” said State Superintendent Jennifer McCormick. “I want to thank Indiana schools for their commitment to honoring and highlighting military service members.