09:37 AM

La. Wing Photographing Laura Damage

Lt. Col. Amos Plante
Public Information Officer
Louisiana Wing

The Louisiana Wing continues to fly over areas hit particularly hard by Hurricane Laura, gathering photographs of hurricane damage for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The wing is using new, advanced photo and navigation equipment on three of its planes, allowing aircrews to fly very precise courses and gather thousands of high-resolution images for FEMA’s use. Joining them Sept. 3 was another specially equipped plane from CAP’s Texas Wing.

All are flying over designated areas around affected cities and over the coastal areas of Southwest Louisiana.

Weather conditions are a factor in the aerial photo missions. With clear weather prevailing over target areas, the wing has launched more than 12 missions using the new, high-tech equipment.

Other, normally configured aircraft have conducted conventional photography flights for Alexandria, producing images that were delivered to the city’s damage analysts.

The wing has also provided flights for observers from other government agencies, such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Agriculture.

Four more photography missions were launched Sept. 5, two involving high-tech photo and navigation systems and the others using conventional camera equipment.

“The members of this wing have reacted to the crisis swiftly and with a new technology,” said Col. Patrick Yglesias, Louisiana Wing commander. “I’m very proud of the things they’ve accomplished these past several days.”

Photos by Lt. Col. Amos Plante, Louisiana Wing