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Maine Members Train for Missing Person Missions

MEsanfordMEwingThe 10 Maine Wing squadrons gathered June 10 for a search and rescue training exercise simulating a lost person scenario.

In all, 52 members from across the state convened for the training, hosted by the Sanford Composite Squadron. Representatives from the Maine Warden Service participated as well. 

They worked together to locate the simulated lost individual and transport him after conducting a medical assessment and treating injuries.

Weather conditions pushed aircrew exercises – including direction-finding, aerial photography, and airborne surveys – to the following day

The exercise “was a culmination of two previous training classes that allowed members to put their skills to the test in a real-world exercise,” said Lt. Col. Roger Plant, incident commander and the wing’s director of operations.

“We were very pleased with the many CAP members that supported the training,” Plant said.

Col. Blain Cote

Col. Blain Cote, Maine Wing commander, hailed the participants’ performance as well as the wing’s relationship with the Warden Service and other state and county MEwardenagencies.

“Our continued development of these relationships will increase our efficiency, efficacy, and overall mission readiness,” Cote said.

Cadet Tech. Sgt. Lily Goldman of the host Sanford squadron, who participated in ground team training, pronounced the activity “awesome.”

“I am happy I could go out into the field,” Goldman said, “and I will keep training for future missions.” 
Senior Member Amanda Goldman
Public Affairs Officer
Sanford Composite Squadron
Maine Wing