15:32 PM

Md. Wing Provides Mock-Up Testing Site Photos for HHS

A Civil Air Patrol aircrew provided the federal Department of Health and Human Services with requested high-quality overhead photos showing a drive-through testing site mock-up in Frederick, Maryland.

Flying in a CAP Gippsland GA-8 and responding to a Federal Emergency Management Agency request, the Maryland Wing members generated images showing such site features as several medium Western-style tents, air-conditioning and heating units, and two vehicle lanes, including vehicles and personnel moving between sites.

Federal officials pronounced the CAP-generated images as “awesome” and “more than adequate,” FEMA remote sensing coordinator Glen Russell said in an email to CAP Operations.

Health and Human Services officials want to provide other testing sites with the images for use as a model, Russell said.

“As always, FEMA (and now HHS) is very appreciative of your continued and professional support,” he wrote.