12:58 PM

Minnesota Squadron Shares Aviation Knowledge with Scouts

Members of the Minnesota Wing’s North Hennepin Composite Squadron helped guide than 60 Scouts through the qualification for the aviation merit badge during a session at Crystal Airport.

More than 20 squadron members participated, coordinating the event, presenting seminars and assisting the Scouts. Meanwhile, on the other side of the airport the Experiment Aircraft Association provided orientation rides for 43 Scouts through the Young Eagles program.

Scouts rotated among five stations during each of two shifts.

Cadet Master Sgt. Eli Brummond who presented an introduction to the principles of aviation, called the activity “a great opportunity to teach others about aviation while improving my leadership and presentation skills.”

At the next station, the Scouts applied those principles by building and flying model aircraft. Another station used computer screens to introduce them to aviation and navigation instruments.

Each group then moved outdoors for a preflight inspection of a Cessna 182. For the final station, the Scouts visited the pilots’ ready room at the Crystal Airport tower.

The day ended with a panel of experts who discussed their careers in aviation. Scouts learned about commercial, military and private jobs in aviation.

 “The best thing about this day was how awesome our cadets are,” said Maj. Leslie Seery, North Hennepin deputy commander for cadets. “They came in, took charge and stuck with it through the whole day.

“Several of them did the same presentation to 10 groups of scouts, but they were still just as enthusiastic for the last presentation as they were for the first. They really knew their stuff.”