17:46 PM

National Capital Wing Trains Basic Cadets

Lt. Col. Paul Cianciolo
Public Affairs Officer
National Capital Wing 

Cadet commander

The National Capital Wing held a multiday basic cadet school Oct. 15-17 at Davison Army Airfield in Virginia to provide new and junior-ranking cadets with an intensive academic experience covering all the fundamentals and basics of Civil Air Patrol’s cadet program. 

The 25 cadets graduating from the school represented all seven squadrons within the wing.

“Our biggest success was that cadets from across the wing came together,” said 1st Lt. James Chan, basic cadet school commandant and squadron leadership officer for the Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron. “Many cadets had not had an opportunity to attend a CAP event in-person since the pandemic, and this gave them the opportunity to not only learn but participate with other cadets they had never met.”

The young cadets learned about customs and courtesies, CAP history and character development and refined their skills in standard drill and physical fitness. A general knowledge test administered at the school’s start and end analyzed effectiveness and quantified the success of the training.

“We broke down the test scores in a number of ways to allow us multiple methods to evaluate our training methods,” said 1st Lt. Brian Fu, assistant school commandant, Arlington Composite Squadron activities officer and wing cadet programs development officer. “The data shows that the school made a significant difference in the cadets’ knowledge and skills.”

Photos by Cadet Capt. Olin Peterson, National Capital Wing