11:07 AM

National Commander: 'Overcoming Fear with Fact'

Not only is fear a normal part of being human, CAP National Commander and CEO Mark Smith notes in his latest letter to members and staff, but alsothe level of fear that some people are dealing with is amped up given that the current world of COVID-19 can seem to be a pretty scary place.”

How to combat that reaction?Perhaps the best way to overcome fear is for us to arm ourselves with the facts,” Smith writes. “Facts are like a bright light dispelling the darkness of fear. For COVID-19 information, let’s rely on reputable sources, such as the CDC, White House Task Force, and our state and city authorities.“

In the meantime, he adds, “as restrictions ease, people who are in high-risk categories will be wise to continue to stay at home. People in hot spot areas will see restrictions ease more slowly. Social distancing will probably be with us for a while. Sound safeguards based on facts from reliable sources should serve us well.”

Such realities should be kept in mind “as we begin providing the means by which we can start easing the restrictions we are currently under in Civil Air Patrol,” the general says. “I will soon provide wing commanders with guidelines for how to determine the appropriate levels of restrictions in their wings, consistent with the restrictions being levied by their state and local authorities. I will have a team of experts who will review wing commander recommended courses of action.”

“The guidelines I will be providing mirror the three-phase approach developed by the CDC and White House Task Force on COVID-19. Thoughtfully prepared and thoughtfully executed, this fact-based approach can help us to set fear aside and slowly ease ourselves into a less restrictive position for performing our Civil Air Patrol duties,” Smith assures his readers.