16:54 PM

N.C. Wing Responds to Dorian Impact with CAP Colleagues' Assists

Capt. Lynne T. Albert
Public Affairs Officer
North Carolina Wing

The North Carolina Wing has conducted 22 damage assessment photo flights in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, producing about 250 photos for use by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and its state counterpart in evaluating the storm’s impact.

The wing also carried out 21 ground missions delivering supplies to dozens of emergency shelters. In addition, wing members helped staff the state Emergency Operations Center in Raleigh.

Meanwhile, wing Points of Distribution teams are deploying to the Outer Banks to provide emergency supplies to coastal communities devastated by Dorian.

Neighboring Civil Air regions and wings quickly answered the wing’s call for assistance in responding to the hurricane:

  • The Delaware Wing helped staff the North Carolina Wing’s incident command post in Burlington.
  • The Lousiana Wing and its Green Flag East Flight brought in their Surrogate Predator planes and software.
  • Cutting-edge technological support came from the Tennessee, West Virginia, Maryland and South Carolina wings using the WaldoAir imagery system.
  • Public information officers from multiple wing and regions worked together to generate comprehensive media coverage.

In addition, Col. Larry Ragland, North Carolina Wing director of operations, was deployed to Florida and South Carolina to assist with sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial System) operations as part of those wings’ post-Dorian missions.

“I'd like to thank the Mid-Atlantic Region and National Headquarters for their support and assistance during the Hurricane Dorian mission,” said Col. Jason Bailey, North Carolina Wing commander.

“Hearing ‘What can we do to help and what do you need?’ on the phone was very encouraging and lifted our hearts leading up to and in the midst of the mission,” Bailey said.

Photos by 2nd Lt. Patrick Schneider, 111th Search & Rescue Composite Squadron, North Carolina Wing