13:18 PM

NE Region Staff College Graduates 100

Capt. Matthew Chirik
Public Affairs Officer
Pennsylvania Wing

One hundred Civil Air Patrol senior members sharpened their leadership skills over the Northeast Region’s staff college, conducted online May 19-June 30 because of COVID-19.

The participants represented 18 wings and all eight regions across CAP, including representatives from every wing in the Northeast Region. Staff and instructors covered a wide variety of topics crucial to the development of senior officers and NCOs.

“Because of the unique challenges we have been facing in 2020, Northeast Region assembled a fantastic training team to think of ways to conduct a virtual region staff college,” said Col Jack Ozer, region commander. “Their innovative ideas along with hard work led to a successful college and graduated the highest number of students in Northeast Region history. My congratulations to the staff and all the students.”

Topics covered included mentorship, leadership beyond the local unit, staff officer and noncommissioned officer functions, and communications. In addition, Col. Regena Aye, CAP's Chief of education and training, provided an overview of the new Volunteer University program, set to launch Aug. 4 and transfom the professional development program.

“The challenge was to come up with a virtual version of staff college. The original planning team felt that if we could get 15-20 students to attend, it would be worth the effort. An original survey was sent out to check interest, and the feedback was resounding,” said Lt. Col. Thomas Brown, director. “Most years, the staff college would graduate an average of 25 students.

“The virtual version offered many members an opportunity to complete a region staff college.”

The virtual format allowed a large enrollment since the normal prohibitive factors of time off and cost were eliminated. Priority was given students needing the course to complete Level IV of the CAP senior professional development program.

Completion of the course allows the 100 graduates to be grandfathered in under the current professional development program requirements for Level IV when Volunteer University takes effect. This was the final staff college offered before the new program begins.