15:12 PM

New Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Documentation Application Available

AMRAD, Civil Air Patrol’s new Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Documentation application, is now available in eServices.

To access it, select Menu > Logistics > AMRAD on eServices.

The application replaces most of the functions previously found in the WMIRS Maintenance Module and adds several new aircraft maintenance tools to assist with flying and maintaining CAP’s planes.

It also allows the entry of new aircraft discrepancies, transmits them to the aircraft maintenance officer for validation and facilitates the flight release process. AMRAD also enables new aircraft maintenance requests to be entered and reviewed, parts ordered and National Headquarters approvals processed, all in one location.

It’s designed to provide real-time visibility to aircraft status, open and closed discrepancies, aircraft inspection data, maintenance and repair requests, and parts orders and tracking data.

“AMRAD is a product of a cross-functional collaboration involving current and former wing commanders, aircraft maintenance officers and National Headquarters logistics and information technology staff,” said Gary Schneider, CAP's director of logistics.

“The end goals are to standardize maintenance processes, improve parts availability and ultimately return aircraft to safe, mission capable status as quickly as possible,” Schneider said.

Training for the new application is available in AXIS, CAP’s online training site.

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