09:10 AM

N.H. Members Help with PPE Distribution

Maj. Michael Kieloch
Assistant Public Affairs Officer
New Hampshire Wing

The New Hampshire Wing continues to answer the call to assist with New Hampshire’s evolving operational needs as it enters a seventh week of COVID-19 pandemic-related support missions.

The most visible task the wing has carried out is has been the transport and distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) to those who need it most.

At the request of the state Department of Health and Human Services and the state Emergency Operations Center, wing members have been picking up and transporting transported hundreds of cases of PPE daily.

The wing members are transporting trailer loads of PPE directly to hospitals and other major facilities in addition to setting up central points of distribution around the state, where first responders, health-care professionals and other critical service providers can pick the equipment up.

“When agencies providing critical services throughout New Hampshire are at risk of running out of the PPE they need, Civil Air Patrol is working daily in the background to make sure they have it,” said Col. William Moran, New Hampshire Wing incident commander. “On any given day, we have up to four CAP vehicles and trailers, escorted by state troopers, traveling hundreds of miles to transport PPE or issue it from points of distribution.”

The wing has distributed more than 1,500 cases of PPE, including masks, face shields and gowns since being tasked with the mission by First Air Force on March 25. lWing members and the New Hampshire National Guard have been working daily to distribute 91,000 pounds of additional PPE that came to the state from China.

"Every day for the last month, CAP airmen across the Granite State have been engaged in supporting our first responders in the fight against COVID-19. Distributing PPE to the front lines is a critical need that our airmen are proud to fill," said Col. Darin Ninness, New Hampshire Wing commander. “This may well be the largest nationwide response from Civil Air Patrol volunteers since our World War II coastal patrols, and we’re proud to be leading from the front.”

Three legislators were among the members distributing PPE: Lt. Col. Jess Edwards and Majs. Mark Pearson and Tim Lang, state representatives who belong to the wing’s Legislative Squadron.

“Assisting the people of New Hampshire during this time of great need is an honor we take to heart,” said Maj. Gen. Brian Simpler, Air National Guard assistant to the commander, 1st Air Force (AFNORTH). “Providing this additional capability to HHS means the pandemic response is more robust for our nation.”