15:14 PM

North Carolina Members Assist Unconscious Man

NCwingNCiredellMembers of the North Carolina Wing’s Iredell Composite Squadron quickly put their emergency services training into action when they came across an unconscious man in his car after their weekly squadron meeting at Statesville Regional Airport.

The cadets at the scene worked together to contact 911, direct traffic to ensure emergency responders had a clear path to the site, and help adult members as needed. 

The adults spoke with the 911 dispatcher and drew on their own medical training to use by helping to apply basic first responder skills on the unconscious man.  

Master Sgt. Joe Tharpe and Cadet Tech. Sgt. Alex Kaempf

Cadet Tech. Sgt. Alex Kaempf, one of the squadron’s cadet medics, was ready to provide his gear if needed. This was his first encounter with a situation where he was prepared to use his skills to help someone who might “be having the worst day of their life,” Kaempf said.

Master Sgt. Joe Tharpe, the squadron’s safety officer, got the vehicle unlocked and the ignition turned off. He then stepped aside so others could reach man inside.  

Paramedics ultimately revived the man, who was able to leave the scene on his own. The squadron members completed an after-action review to explore possible improvements in their response. 
2nd Lt. William Brown
Public Affairs Officer
Iredell Composite Squadron
North Carolina Wing