13:03 PM

North Carolina Members Tour HondaJet Facility

HjetNCwingAsheville Composite Squadron members toured the HondaJet research facility and assembly center in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Aug. 16 in a follow-up to HondaJet’s earlier visit to the squadron’s Asheville Regional Airport base to display the company’s latest model.

During the Asheville visit, HondaJet provided tours of the aircraft and a detailed discussion by pilots and staff with adult squadron members and cadets.

The Greensboro tour, which 2nd Lt. Jeffrey T. Vanderlip coordinated, picked up where the previous visit left off.

The day began early, with 17 cadets and four adult members, accompanied by six family members, convened in Asheville at NCashe6:30 a.m. for the three-hour drive east to Greensboro.

Their HondaJet hosts divided the visitors into three groups led by a cadet and one by an adult member. They took turns touring the main factory and the 15 assembly areas, the flight test area, the testing facility, and the simulation facility, where the cadets all had a chance to try out the facility’s flight simulator.

The final stop was the display hangar, where completed HondaJets are placed on a rotating platform for customers’ ease of viewing.  

Toward the end of the tour, Hideto Yamasaki, president and CEO of HondaJet owner the Honda Aircraft Co.,   greeted the visitors.
1st Lt. Derek Broadhead
Public Affairs Officer
North Carolina Wing