09:15 AM

Ohio Cadet Honored for Saving Mother's Life

Lt. Col. James Himes
Assistant Public Affairs Officer
Ohio Wing

Cadet Maj. Dana Rose

Civil Air Patrol’s Certificate of Recognition for Lifesaving is special to anyone who receives it, but for Cadet Maj. Dana Rose of the Ohio Wing’s Victor A. Hammond Composite Squadron the honor is especially significant, since the life she saved is her mother’s.

On March 13, 2020, Rose’s mother, Vendula Rose. asked to be transported to the hospital emergency room because she was feeling unwell. Rose rode in the backseat with her mother while her father, 1st Lt. David Rose, the Hammond squadron's commander, drove the 20-mile route to the hospital.

During the trip, Vendula Rose became completely unresponsive. Upon checking her mother’s pulse and finding it to too faint to detect, Rose called on her CAP training and began applying sternum rubs.

As the car continued toward the hospital Rose continued sternum rubs while calmly communicating with emergency service personnel via 911 operators. She advised them that her mother would need immediate assistance upon arrival.

When Rose’s mother failed to respond to the sternum rubs, Rose began performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation at the 911 operator’s instruction. Upon arrival at the hospital Rose provided the responding nurses with the necessary information and updates.

Rose has belonged to the Hammond squadron for three years and is its cadet commander. She is also a member of the Great Lakes Region Cadet Advisory Council and recently finished her junior year of high school with a 4.0 GPA.

She will be attending a course this summer at Purdue University to attain her private pilot’s certification under CAP’s scholarship program. She hopes for a career as either a military or commercial pilot.