16:34 PM

Puerto Rico Members Salute Fallen for Memorial Day

Senior Member Francisco M. Garcia
Finance Officer
Group 2
Puerto Rico Wing

Members of Puerto Rico Wing Group 2 honored the nation’s fallen for Memorial Day with a parade and wreath presentation at Las Mercedes Memorial Park.

The Civil Air Patrol participants hosted numerous visitors, including representatives of:

  • Post 12094 in Naranjito,
  • Veteranos Incapacitados de America Chapter 4,
  • Puerto Rico State Command 200th Supply and Service Group,
  • The American Legion,
  • AARP,
  • Caballeros de Colon,
  • Youth Challenge Academy,
  • Active and retired Puerto Rico National Guard, and
  • The Ponce Mayor’s Office.

"Seeing the cadets partake in such wonderful activity honoring those who perished giving their lives to this country, and participating in such a ceremony offering time for those families of those who gave their lives is very motivating,” said Lt. Col. Carlos M. Arroyo, Group 2 commander.