16:22 PM

Radar Team's Young Honored with Tribute in Congress

A salute to Lt. Col. Mark Young, commander of Civil Air Patrol’s National Radar Analysis Team, for years of public service has been published in the Congressional Record.

During a recent House session U.S. Rep. Scott R. Tipton, R-Colo., presented a tribute to Young “for his 35 years of volunteerism in Colorado.”

In honoring Young, Tipton told his colleagues:

“His service to others began during the blizzard of 1982 where he spent all night in his truck with his CB radio answering calls to help stranded motorists.

“On top of his volunteer work, Lt. Col. Young spent 29 years as a volunteer paramedic in Costilla County, using his knowledge as a paramedic to help thousands of his fellow citizens. In addition, he assisted his community in the creation of a volunteer ambulance service.


“In 1996, Lt. Col. Young continued his service and joined the Montrose County Sheriff Posse as a volunteer search and rescue firefighter. Over the next 20 years he provided hundreds of hours of free helicopter service, and went on numerous rescue missions, providing vital helicopter support on each of these rescues. Just over a year ago, Lt. Col. Young and his team were able to rescue a pilot from Colorado Springs that wrecked in the Flat tops Wilderness Area in Garfield County, Colorado.

“Mr. Speaker, whether it was spending all night on Christmas Eve helping stranded motorists during a blizzard, or flying a helicopter for Search and Rescue missions, Lt. Col. Young has always been eager to serve his fellow Americans. It is my pleasure to recognize Lt. Col. Young for all his generosity. On behalf of the Third District of Colorado I would like to thank Lt. Col. Young for his generous service to his community.”

Young has been a CAP member since August 2001 and has held numerous leadership positions in the Rocky Mountain Reagion and the Colorado Wing.