16:33 PM

Ready to Serve As Needed, Idaho Unit Assures Community

2nd Lt. Stephanie Payton
Public Affairs Officer​
Boise Composite Squadron
Idaho Wing

"Ready. Set. Go." is a social media campaign the Idaho Wing’s Boise Composite Squadron has launched to promote awareness of the unit’s readiness to assist with community emergency services needs during the COVID-19 outbreak and stay-at-home orders.

The campaign is scheduled to run for four weeks on the squadron’s three official social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Posts began appearing March 30 and will continue to appear on Mondays.

Along with squadron-provided photos, members have been called on to participate by submitting their own photos showing them in uniform, displaying their readiness.

The response from social media followers so far has been positive.

The goal is to engage members and public in a positive way that encourages everyone to see themselves as being in the situation together and to realize that CAP serves a vital role in helping the community during a difficult time.