09:45 AM

Sew Helpful: Tenn. Cadet Learns to Make Masks with Grandmother

Cadet Staff Sgt. Noah Madewell spent his stay-at-home time during the COVID-19 pandemic learning from his grandmother how to sew so he could help her make masks for the Knox County, Tennessee, Sheriff's Office.

“My grandma said she was going to make some masks for people who needed them and asked if I wanted to help. After a few days she asked the Knox County Sheriff's Office if we could make some for them,” said Madewell, a member of the  Tennessee Wing’s Knoxville Composite Squadron “They asked for 90; we made just over 100.

“If there is any way for me to help, I will. One of my goals in life is help as much as I can.”

The cadet, the eldest of Cathy Tumlin’s six grandchildren, helped her sew the masks for the Sheriff’s Office essential workers. While most teenagers were playing games, Madewell was diligently sewing masks.

“I would simply like to encourage everyone to do what they can,” he said. “There is always someone who needs our help – sometimes we just need to look for the opportunity to help them. Do what you can; every effort may help more than you know.”

“I am truly pleased to have Cadet Madewell in our squadron,” said the Knoxville squadron’s commander, Capt, Michael Gifford. “He is truly passionate about helping others and is far more mature than most people his age.”

"Service is one of Civil Air Patrol’s core values, and the making of these masks is a key example of that,” said 1st Lt. Christopher Schwarzen, the unit's deputy commander for cadets.

A representative of the Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook, “If there is anything good about the COVID-19 pandemic, it is how GIVERS like these two have stepped up to help others.”

“Thank you always seems inadequate for a generous gift like this. We hope the two of you along with every other person and or company that has stepped up to help us during this time know it is appreciated.”