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Silvered Wings — Meyers OTW-125 'Out-To-Win'


Meyers OTW-125 “Out-To-Win” NC26460

  • Capacity: 2
  • Length: 22 feet 8 inches
  • Maximum speed: 115 mph
  • Cruise speed: 100 mph
  • Range: 350 miles
  • Service ceiling: 14,000 feet

“Something old, something new, modern rivets, and old-fashioned glue” was an apt descriptor for the Meyers OTW trainer. The OTW “Out-To-Win” was formally introduced in 1940 and soon training student pilots across America.

The OTW was built by the Meyers Aircraft Co. at Tecumseh, Michigan, where president and chief engineer Al Meyers insisted on quality and pilot welfare as his main concerns. The fuselage framework was an all-metal structure with “Alclad” covering. The wing framework was built of solid spruce spar beams with spruce and plywood rib-trusses and fabric covering. Ailerons were attached to the lower wings only, where spoiler strips promoted a nice “clean stall.” Both cockpits were deep, with adjustable seats, wells for parachutes, and full dual-stick controls.

The original 125-horsepower Warner “Scarab” engine was no great charger but allowed students time to learn good flying habits. Later OTWs were upgraded to 145- and 160-horsepower models with enough muscle to stand up to almost anything.

NC26460, operated out of the Kansas Wing, was the sole Meyers OTW recorded as flown by Civil Air Patrol during World War II.

Maj. Ron Finger is a freelance illustrator and member of the Minnesota Wing’s Crow Wing Composite Squadron. Recently honored by the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame as Artist of the Year, he is an Air Force Art Program artist, where a select pool of artists are assigned “art missions” to document specific U.S. Air Force operations. 

Among his duties as Civil Air Patrol’s national artist, Finger researches and creates art that portrays our historical emergency service. A personal goal is to complete paintings documenting every aircraft type CAP has flown. 

This is the 11th painting in Finger's second series of depictions of vintage CAP aircraft. More of Finger’s CAP artwork can be seen at redpine.net.

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