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Silvered Wings: Aeronca LB

Aeronca LB NC16526

  • Capacity: two
  • Length: 22 feet 6 inches
  • Maximum speed: 120 mph
  • Cruise speed: 105 mph
  • Range: 500 miles
  • Service ceiling: 14,000 feet

The 1936 Aeronca L models were low-wing cabin monoplanes with seating for two. These coupe-type airplanes featured sharply tapered cantilever wings and rakish cantilever landing gear fully encased in large metal “pants.”

The overall effect was a streamlined look popular in many vehicle designs in the 1930s. The sport-type L series was offered with three different engines, with the LA and LB powered with 75- and 80-horsepower engines.

Construction was a mixture of fabric-covered steel tubing and wooden formers with sheet metal leading edges. The cabin was a Pyralin “greenhouse” with amber-tinted top panels. A “Townend” ring provided a clean finish over the rubber-mounted engine’ five cylinders.

Clyde H. Swan of Milwaukee flew NC16526 for Civil Air Patrol as a wartime industrial courier.

Maj. Ron Finger is a freelance illustrator and member of the Minnesota Wing’s Crow Wing Composite Squadron. Recently honored by the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame as Artist of the Year, he is an Air Force Art Program artist, where a select pool of artists are assigned “art missions” to document specific U.S. Air Force operations. 

Among his duties as Civil Air Patrol’s national artist, Finger researches and creates art that portrays our historical emergency service. A personal goal is to complete paintings documenting every aircraft type CAP has flown. 

This is the 15th painting in Finger's second series of depictions of vintage CAP aircraft. More of Finger’s CAP artwork can be seen at redpine.net.

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