19:44 PM

South Dakota Members Train Online with NESA

SDWG-Patch-1200px-300dpinesaClose to 40 South Dakota Wing members participated in a day of online training Jan. 13, highlighted by mission staff training by Civil Air Patrol’s National Emergency Services Academy’s Mobile Training Team (NESA-MTT).

The NESA online tabletop instructor, Lt. Col Robert Ditch, led participants through a series of modules and breakout discussion sessions based on a statewide flooding disaster mission. The topics directly addressed CAP’s involvement and practical considerations in such a mission, and also the broader picture of management of a large multiagency disaster mission.

“Thanks especially to the folks who organized the day and led the classes,” Lt. Col. Mike Cassidy, South Dakota Wing director of operations, said afterward. “It was great having a good turnout for both the training and the tabletop exercise.”

Feedback from the participants, cadets and adult members alike, “has been very positive. and I look forward to more of this type of training in the future,” Cassidy said.

Earlier in the day, South Dakota Wing instructors gave presentations on topics including radio communications planning, the SARTopo mapping platform for mission management, and map-reading/navigation skills.

“Service is one of the core values of CAP,” said Col. Michael Marek, South Dakota Wing commander. “The lessons we have learned over the last few years about distance collaboration and learning have opened the door to opportunities to work with experts from across the country.

“Everything we do to elevate our experience and proficiency allows us to serve our local communities, state, tribes, and nation that much better.”