16:59 PM

Texas Members Help Squadronmates After House Fire

The morning of Sept. 3, Tech. Sgt. John Keith of the Texas Wing’s Abilene Composite Squadron smelled smoke in his Cisco home after his puppy woke him. After awakening 1st Lt. Nita Light and Cadet Maj. Bethany Larson, Keith immediately began spraying down the burning house with water hoses.

Thanks to quick action and a speedy response by firefighters, no one was injured, and most of the residence was saved.

Three days later, a pair of fellow Abilene Composite members stepped in and joined Light and Larson in rebuilding from the fire – Lt. Col. Jed Taylor, commander, and Master Sgt. Will Holloway, officer for cadet activities and for safety.

Taylor, an engineer by trade, assessed the damage and then created a plan to remove the dangerously charred load-bearing structures and reinstall the doors, a new header and a window.

While the rebuilding isn’t done, Light was extremely thankful for the help. She said she joined Civil Air Patrol because of the organization’s family-like atmosphere and how members come together to help each other.

 “We teach servant leadership to the cadets, and it’s about serving our members,” Taylor said. “I couldn’t consider myself a leader if I wasn't willing to take the lessons off the page and put it into action.”

The Abilene Composite Squadron motto is “Liberandum ab Alto” – “Salvation from Above .” Instead of an aircraft from above, this time the members used a pickup loaded with tools.