18:02 PM

Texas Squadron Holds Direction Finding Session

TXabileneTXwingMembers of the Texas Wing's Abilene Composite Squadron gathered recently to train in urban direction finding using emergency locator beacons.

While the technology was developed for aircraft, the locator beacons are also carried on boats and are even small enough for hikers to carry in backpacks. The squadron uses direction finding tools capable of tracking emergency distress beacons.

The squadron also focused on building its younger members’ leadership skills.

“While we were targeting our training on emergency services,” said Lt. Col. Jed Taylor, Abilene squadron commander, “developing cadets is an integral part of our program.”

For this training session Cadet 2nd Lt, Christopher Potter was ground team leader, responsible for determining the unit’s actions.

Cadet Senior Airman Henry Ferguson described the day as a “super-fun experience in which I got to do things I’ve never done before and learn new things while working in a team environment with an exciting mission to accomplish.” 

Cadet Jacob Brouse also had enjoyed himself, he said, especially during “the trek to the beacon, conversations with friends, and joking around with each other.”
Master Sgt. Will Holloway
Public Affairs Officer
Abilene Composite Squadron
Texas Wing

Photos by Master Sgt. Will Holloway