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This Week in CAP History -- 80th Anniversary



Dec. 28

This week in 1954, the New Hampshire Wing reached across
organizational lines to prepare for future missions. Wing Commander
Lt. Col. Phillip Labom, Director of Civilian Defense Rear Adm. C. A.
Brinkmann, and Air Force Coordinator of the Ground Observer Corps
Maj. Myles King met at the wing’s headquarters to plan training, e
nsure that organizational cooperation was as easy as possible,
and recognize the wing for its rescue efforts after an airliner crash.

Dec. 22










The National Capital Wing led CAP in flight hours for 1953 with a total
of 614. To this day, the wing still is one of the nationwide leaders in
flight hours. https://www.newspapers.com/clip/90702745/

Dec. 14










This week in 2019, Cadet Lt. Col. Ian Gonzalez-Munoz of the Puerto
Rico Wing earned his wings after he completed his CAP checkride
with Maj. Ivan Garcia. Gonzalez-Munoz was the first Puerto Rico
Wing cadet to complete the Cadet Wings program and just the 27th
cadet to do so nationally. For more information on Cadet Wings, head
to https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/.../cadetinvest/cadet-wings.

Dec. 7


In 1966, members of the Massachusetts Wing were winding down their
celebrations for CAP's 25th birthday when the Williamstown squadron
hosted an open house. The program included speeches from a number
of local dignitaries and featured a film about the cadet program.

Read more about the open house in this article in the 
North Adams Transcript.

Nov. 23











This week in 1952, the Florida Wing joined forces with about 900 Air Force
ROTC cadets from the University of Miami to spread the word about CAP.
The group paraded through Coral Gables advertising the cadet program. 

Nov. 16











As Civil Air Patrol approaches its 80th anniversary, “This Week in CAP History”
is rewinding 53 years to November 1968, when members of the West Virginia
Wing were planning an anniversary celebration of their own. Activities
included public ceremonies and events and concluded with a banquet for the
wing's cadets and senior members. newspapers.com/clip/89030741/

Nov. 9










On Nov. 9, 1942, Flight Officer George Ruhl of the  Maryland Wing returned
home from a tour with the Army Air Corps participating in Civil Air Patrol's
World War II efforts. Ruhl was a member of the CAP squadron in Cumberland.
When the Department of War reached out to CAP for members to fly coastal
patrols and submarine reconnaissance missions, Ruhl immediately jumped
at the opportunity. He came back home Nov. 9, two months after he began
the patrols. newspapers.com/clip/88617547/

Nov. 2








On Nov. 3, 1961, the Oklahoma Wing’s Miami squadron presented Certificates
of Proficiency to six cadets. That total was the highest in the wing. 

Oct. 26











This week in 1951, members of the Texas Wing’s Austin squadron
worked with U.S. Air Force rescue members at San Marcos Air Force
Base, demonstrating a constant commitment to emergency services
and readiness. https://www.newspapers.com/clip/87783457/


Oct. 19










This week in 2012, the state of Hawaii was preparing for a tsunami
hat promised massive devastation. Instead of taking care of their
personal belongings. Members took flight to warn residents of
the impending disaster. https://www.newspapers.com/clip/87378232/

Oct. 12











This week in 1955, Alaska Wing members took to the skies to aid in
the search for a missing aircraft. Eight aircraft from two squadrons
were joined by three U.S. Air Force aircraft in what the Fairbanks
Daily News-Miner described as an "all-out search," which eventually
lasted 16 days before being called off. 

Oct. 5



















This week in 1962, Cadet 2nd Lt. Gary Creese of the New Jersey Wing
received the first $4,000 academic scholarship awarded by the
Applegarth Foundation. Named after A. Rufus Applegarth, a
Pennsylvania Wing member, the Applegarth Civil Air Patrol
Scholarship provided tuition assistance for many years to CAP
cadets in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Creese headed away
from home to attend the Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia.

Sept. 28


This week in 2012, the Wyoming Wing hosted Teacher Orientation
Program flights for schoolteachers who were also CAP aerospace
education members. 
and https://www.newspapers.com/.../86145856/casper-star-tribune/

Sept. 21


This week in 1944, Pennsylvania Wing cadets attended an encampment
in New Jersey. They traveled to Fort Dix, where they were trained in
airbase operations and introduced to military life.  

Sept. 17


Five days after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, even though American
airspace was mostly closed to traffic, the Idaho Wing transported
blood products around the western U.S. on behalf of the American
Red Cross. https://www.newspapers.com/clip/85070977/south-idaho-press/


Sept. 10











This week in 2014, the Alabama Wing conducted a search and rescue
exercise for U.S. Air Force evaluation. The wing passed with high marks. 
and https://www.newspapers.com/clip/84866834/

Aug. 31


The New York Wing is featured this week with a 1961 feature on the cadet
program. https://www.newspapers.com/clip/77498193/

Aug. 24


This week in 1944, the Tennessee Wing’s Jackson Composite Squadron
opened for operations, and the Jackson Sun covered it with a
full-page feature.https://www.newspapers.com/clip/77475029/

Aug. 17


On Aug. 21, 2015, the Connecticut Wing conducted an emergency
services exercise for evaluation by the Air Force on mission readiness,
training, staffing availability and more. The wing passed with flying colors.|

Aug. 9











A group of Ohio Wing cadets traveled to their basic encampment on a
C-47 in 1949. https://www.newspapers.com/clip/77501829/

July 27


The Mississippi Wing is front and center for the new installment of T
his Week in CAP History. This 1994 article featured Lt. Col. Martha
Bowling of the Jackson Composite Squadron, the only female pilot
in her squadron. https://www.newspapers.com/clip/77480797/


July 19, 2021











July 23, 2005, Salem (Ore.) Statesman Journal (two links)

Oregon Wing cadets and senior members alike packed up and headed to
Monmouth to participate in the wing’s first summer encampment in five years.


July 12, 2021











July 12, 2010, St. Cloud (Minn.) Times

Members from four Minnesota Wing squadrons attended the Great Minnesota
Air Show, but not just to see the planes. The members were assigned to
marshal arriving and departing planes at the show, including U.S. Air Force
and U.S. Marine Corps aircraft. 

July 5, 2021












July 5, 2015, Sioux Falls (S.D.) Argus Leader (two links)

The Argus Leader profiled Civil Air Patrol after its response to a tornado
that struck the town of Delmont. Another article featured then-Cadet
Brandon West, who planned to fly to every airport in South Dakota after
CAP introduced him to flight.


June 28, 2021











July 2, 1998, Baxter (Ark.) Bulletin

The Baxter Bulletin featured a search and rescue exercise conducted by the
Arkansas Wing.

June 24, 2021

Kentucky TWITCH

In 2014, Congress approved the Congressional Gold Medal for CAP's
 volunteer efforts during World War II. One of the early members, 
Mary Pat Shely, is the focus of “This Week in CAP History.” Always humble 
about her wartime service in the Kentucky Wing, Shely was finally 
awarded a Congressional Gold Medal replica for her work in 2018 
at age 94. Shely's bravery and service aren't even the most impressive
 part of her story, though. She taught herself to fly and had a long
career as a teacher and athlete.

Check out the full story about Shely in the Lexington Herald-Leader.


June 21, 2021











June 24, 1976, Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph

Colorado Wing cadets participated in a survival course with instructors
from the U.S. Air Force Academy.

June 15, 20921











June 15, 1957, Wichita (Kan.) Beacon

In June 1957 three Kansas Wing cadets were selected to attend a national,
two-week encampment for female cadets at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

June 7, 2021









June 1, 2012 St. George (Utah) Daily Spectrum (two parts)

Utah Wing members played a crucial role in the search for a downed aircraft,
supporting law enforcement, government and military groups.

May 31, 2021











May 30, 1984, Livingston County (Mich.) Daily Press and Argus

The Michigan Wing’s Livingston Composite Squadron carried out some
impressive activities in mid-1984, such as assisting on the scene of a
plane crash on the interstate, working to support the U.S. Army and more.

May 25, 2021











May 23, 1995,  Billings (Mont.) Gazette

Then-cadet Nicole Pilakowski of the Montana Wing received a college scholarship
due to her service in CAP.

May 17, 2021











May 29, 1943, Charlotte (N.C.) Observer

At the height of World War II, CAP was responsible for costal patrols, protecting
the homeland from German U-boats and rescuing survivors of ships attacked
by the subs. This mission was especially active in North Carolina and South
Carolina, as members took to the skies to serve. 

May 11, 2021











May 14, 1944, The (Spokane, Wash.) Spoksman Review

 In 1944, Washington WIng members set out to train 800 local high school students
as a potential reservoir of future military flyers.

May 4, 2021











May 23, 1999, Staunton News Leader

The Virginia Wing works to shape the lives of local youth through emergency
services training.


April 27, 2021











May 2, 2011, AF.mil

After a series of tornadoes devastated the Southeast in the spring of 2011. members
from the Alabama Wing and other wings flew over the devastated areas to assess
damage across the region.

April 20, 2021











April 24, 2008, Orlando Sentinel

Florida Wing members  stand ready to help out during emergencies
and natural disasters.

April 13, 2021











April 17, 2011, Marshfield News Herald

The Wisconsin Wing shaped the lives of young people through search and
rescue training.

April 7, 2021












April 6, 2010, The (Vineland, N.J.) Daily Journal.

Cadet Sakyse Johnson of the New Jersey Wing's Cumberland squadron is
shown after a glider flight.

March 30, 2021











April 1, 1945, Lincoln (Neb.) Star
"Busy as a bunch of bees in a bucket of tar" well describes the
local squadron of the (Nebraska Wing), for no sooner do they close
the books on one assignment than Uncle Sam tosses another into
their laps."

March 21, 2021












March 21, 1943, St.Louis Globe-Democrat
The Women's Advertising Club of St. Louis raised funds to help purchase three
planes for the Missouri Wing, which used them for training.

 March 15, 2021











March 21, 2004, The (Alexandria, La.) Town Talk
Louisiana Wing members conducted a search and rescue exercis designed
to help volunteers make smart and potentially life-saving decisions in
real-world situations.


March 8












March 8, 1945 The (Davenport, Iowa) Daily Times 
"Serve your country in an important job. Get valuable training in the fast
growing aviation field. Mechanics, musicians, typists, doctors, nurses,
medical technicians, hotographers and airplane pilots especially needed." 


March 2












March 2, 201, Santa Ynez Valley (Calif.) News
Cadet Ben Baker wanted his fellow students at Dunn School in Santa Ynez
Valley, California, to experience the exciting world of aviation, STEM and
aerospace. He decided that CAP was the perfect organization to introduce
them to.


Feb. 22











Feb. 20, 2016, Pittsburgh Post Gazette 
Cadet Lt.. Col Ceara Berry leads fellow Pennsylvania Wing cadets back to
base after a search and rescue mission during the annual Winter Weekend
West, a cold-weather training exercise held in coordination with local
emergency personnel.


Feb. 16








Feb. 18, 2011, Arizona Republic
Bryan Connelly (left) pins new rank insignia on his son, Michael Connelly,
13, a Deer Valley Composite Squadron 302 during the unit's  weekly
meeting at Phoenix Deer Valley Airport.


Feb. 8










Decatur (Ill.) Herald Review
"About 70 men including police, civil defense, Civil Air Patrol and firemen,
worked throughout Monday night without sleep to evacuate families from
flooded homes."


Feb. 1











Feb. 1, 1942, Atlanta Constitution

"The squadron of Civil Air Patrol, flying all types of of civilian aircraft,
landed recently at the Albany municipal airport. The planes came from all
parts of Georgia, and their pilots were guests of Colonel John B. Patrick,
commanding officer of Turner Field."

Jan. 25 











Jan. 25, 1942, Indianapolis Star

Starting today and continuing through 2021, Civil Air Patrol is launching
“This Week in CAP History” — in observation of the organization's 80th 
anniversary on Dec. 1. Take a look at this first link to CAP’s rich history,