14:38 PM

U.S. Rep. Tells Okla. Cadets About CAP Lessons' Importance

1st Lt. Brandon Lunsford Sr.
Public Affairs Officer
Oklahoma Wing

U.S. Rep. Kevin Hern spoke recently to the Riverside Flight, advising cadets of the importance of continual personal leadership development and modeling in their personal lives what CAP teaches them.

“You all can be doing a lot of things, other than being here tonight,” Hern told his audience. “What you are learning about service and service to your fellow man is really a special thing. You also get a true appreciation for leadership and responsibility, and I would say also followership.

“Rank knows no age; it knows no gender,” the lawmaker said. “It’s about hard work and determination.”

““Life is about serving others, it really is,” Hern said. “You are learning this at the youngest of ages in a very structured program. It gives you an opportunity when you graduate high school, whether you go into the military or not, to use military ideas and military procedures to guide and organize the rest of your life.”

“You will never forget this experience your entire life,” he added. “It’ll make you stay squared away, and make you appreciate organization.”

Hern also spoke briefly about his membership in the Oklahoma Wing with his son, Kelby, from 2012-2013.

“This was a special night for our unit,” Cadet 2nd Lt. Jeremiah Groves, the flight’s new cadet commander, said afterward. “To get to hear leadership wisdom from not only a successful businessman but also a congressman – that’s special. I am glad he came out to speak to our members.”

“I was impressed by his overall message, that you can be both professionally successful and serve others at the same time, said the squadron’s aerospace education officer, Senior Member Tamara Shannon.

“He encouraged the cadets to try new things, to never give up and to strive to be the best at whatever they do without losing sight of service to others,” Shannon said.