11:11 AM

Va. Unit Loads 3 Tons of Food for Delivery

Lt. Col. Kimberly C. Frady
Deputy Commander

Prince William Composite Squadron
Virginia Wing

As part of Civil Air Patrol's ongoing COVID-19 support mission, the Virginia Wing’s Prince William Composite Squadron moved 3 tons of food supplies June 14 at the request of Prince William County’s Food Task Force.

“This impressive undertaking in Virginia Wing is yet another example of how CAP members – cadets and adult volunteers alike – selflessly serve their communities, states and the nation,” said Brig. Gen. Ed Phelka, CAP’s national vice commander.

Prince William County partners with Action in Community Through Service (ACTS), a nonprofit that specializes in addressing food insecurity in local communities. Aaron Tolson, ACTS development director, coordinates volunteer efforts and delivery of donated supplies to food pantries and local restaurant kitchens, where meals are prepared and served.

Ten Prince William squadron members assisted in transferring food supplies from various storage units to pallets prepared for timely delivery. The three senior members and seven cadets arrived with required personal protective gear in place, ready to carry cases of dairy products, fresh produce and dry goods from one pallet to another.The members were greeted and briefed by Tolson, who expressed his appreciation for their support, as volunteer help is difficult to coordinate on weekends. He also shared his passion for obtaining and sharing unwanted food supplies from grocery stores and restaurants.

In addition, at Tolson’s request, more than 50 boxes of fresh produce were loaded for CAP delivery to a community center near Woodbridge.

Tolson presented “Food Rescue Hero” decals to each member and once again expressed his deep appreciation for their volunteer service.

The ACTS program has delivered 1.3 million pounds of food supplies to distribution sites since August, with deliveries rising from 200 deliveries per month to 300 per week during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Acting as a Total Force partner and the U,S. Air Force auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol is aligned with First Air Force to rapidly respond to non-military threats domestically when tasked in a Defense Support of Civil Authorities capacity to save lives, relieve suffering, prevent property damage and provide humanitarian assistance.