15:30 PM

Va. Wing's Miner to Assist U.S. Space Force Command Chaplain

Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Timothy Miner, chaplain for the Virginia Wing, has been assigned to help the new U.S. Space Force’s command chaplain create and implement a social media presence.

His appointment marks CAP's first Air Force-assigned mission to support the Space Force, Miner said.

Miner is adviser to Chaplain (Col.) John Murdoch, Civil Air Patrol chief of chaplains, for social media. U.S. Air Force Chaplain (Col.) Paul D. Sutter, Space Force command chaplain, said in a letter to Col. Dean Gould, Virginia Wing commander, that “Chaplain Miner’s background as a trained CAP PAO along with the experience of standing up the CAP Chaplain Corps’ social media platforms ... provides unique abilities that my office would like to use.”

Miner will spend the next year assisting Sutter and his staff as they become comfortable with a media presence that ministers and improves the readiness of Space Force personnel.