17:09 PM

Wisconsin Wing Conducts Emergency Response Training

More than 70 members from across the Wisconsin wing completed a weekend of intensive emergency response training, carrying out the administrative side of a simulated emergency mission.

Filling roles outlined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency required the participants to juggle multiple ground teams and aircraft, local response, and news media just as they would in an actual emergency.

In all, 54 adult members and 18 cadets trained at Volk Field Air National Guard Base at Camp Douglas.

“Mission Radio Operator” trainees learned how to keep the airways clear, operate radios, give directions, record critical information, and direct that information to where it should go.

Multitasking air operations branch and ground branch teams tracked, directed, and managed teams, aircraft, drones, and leaders in the field.

Overseeing it all, the incident commander managed the incident response, while supporting section chiefs ensured appropriate attention to all necessary incident management functions.
2nd Lt. Jessica Schaefer
Assistant Public Affairs Officer
Wisconsin Wing