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Civil Air Patrol’s Cadet Programs directorate has updated several cadet-focused publications to keep the material current and relevant.

The documents are now available for preview and will take effect Nov. 1.

Here are the most important, noteworthy changes:

  • Three new aerospace pioneers now lend their names to cadet achievements: Lt Willa Brown, Col George Boyd, and Dr. Sally Ride.
    CAPVA 60-100, Cadet Super Chart
  • College-aged cadets can use military junior college, Air Force ROTC or service academy experience at the Gen. Ira C. Eaker Award level in lieu of Cadet Officer Schoo/Region Cadet Leadership School, and accelerated promotions are available. 
    CAPR 60-1, 5.5.3. and
  • The Encampment Visitor Program rolls out for next summer, and regions will review their wings’ encampment training plans.
    CAPR 60-1, chapter 9
  • Commanders and activity directors need to inform parents right away if a cadet is injured or if misconduct is alleged.
    CAPR 60-2, 1.4.5
  • "Grog Bowls" are prohibited as part of campaign to refocus formal dinners as opportunities to teach decorum, provide a valuable life skill about manners at formal events, remember the sacrifices of POW-MIAs, etc.
    CAPR 60-2, 2.2.2
  • Rules about alcohol and marijuana have been tightened. Adults cannot consume alcohol in an installation’s "CAP area."
    CAPR 60-2, 2.3
  • Cadet Protection Policy practices for activities based in hotel-like facilities are slightly adjusted and should be easier to implement.
    CAPR 60-2, 2.7.5
  • An Officer of the Day will be designated as the after-hours, on-call adult at overnight activities.
    CAPR 60-2, 2.7.6
  • Cadet Protection Program guidelines for flight instruction have been adjusted while still allowing one-deep leadership.
    CAPR 60-2, 2.9 and CAPF 60-86
  • CAPP 60-34, Drill & Ceremonies Practical Tests, is now the source for drill tests. No significant changes have been made to the drill test content or procedures, just corrections and edits for clarity.

Furthermore, some optional resources have been updated and a couple of new ones added, as shown below.

Hyperlinks found within the publications will go live Nov. 1.

See all the documents at:

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